With Tomoe, in Yokohama

So, I met Tomoe in Yokohama. Here are some pictures of our visit together. Click on any picture to enlarge!

Here she is trying on my glasses.




tn-ramenmuseum.jpg (3757 bytes)We met Suzuki-san (my boss in Japan) and he took us to the Ramen Museum which was very cool!





tn-old-yokohama.jpg (7717 bytes)It was a huge cavernous underground building that was made to look like old town Yokohama!  Look, it has a sky painted on the ceiling! It was amazing!




bowloframen.jpg (47841 bytes)Tomoe had a big bowl of ramen noodles! And of course - beer (but note that mine's bigger!).





tn-butterflies.jpg (4071 bytes)We bought a couple of butterfly rings that we wore that night at "Old Yokohama". 





Suzuki took us to a hostess bar where we did karaoke. 

tn-karaokesuzuki.jpg (5671 bytes)Well, Suzuki and I did karaoke, Tomoe made friends with the hostesses.tn-tomoedatchi.jpg (5739 bytes)






tn-sequingirl.jpg (5183 bytes)I met one hostess with a sequin dress (and everyone knows how I feel about sequins) - here she is, with a close-up of her dress. (I think she started to think me odd at this point).tn-sequin.jpg (7131 bytes)






tn-manygirls.jpg (5775 bytes)The sequined girl's friends showed up, and we had a pretty blitzing party before we got Tomoe safely on the shinkansen that took her home!




Wish I had more pictures.

Brian Pawlowski / beepy@netapp.com