Brian's Lonely Dinner in Amsterdam


Brian went to dinner by himself to The Garlic Queen Restaurant tonight - on Regulierswardstraat - the friendly gay street.  He had no one to spend time with.  And despite the big smile - he was very sad.


Brian had a entree which was Duck mousse (pate) with smoked garlic.  He drank Warsteiner beer.   He had four - they were small.  The duck pate was very good.  Brian had a magazine to read about new PCs - so he would feel less lonely.


Brian forgot to take a picture of his garlic soup - a tomato creme base.  He had penne pasta with mushrooms - and of course garlic - for his main.  It also was very good.

Brian finished his magazine during the loneliness of a solitary dinner, while couples and groups of people around him talked and made merry.

  Thoughtfully the waiter gave Brian two mints and a button to wear warning people that he had just eaten garlic.  Brian felt special.




Brian took a picture of himself eclipsing the Dutch queen,  She didn't mind - because she is cool and smokes dope (I'm sure).