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This is a fairly simple presence on the web. Been out and about here since the '90's.

I study photography and you can find a portion of my work at:

Most of my work today ends up as prints, and does not appear much on line. For printing I have been studying alternative printing processes, and have blogged about them from time to time:

Alternative Impressions

Photo collections

These are some old albums of interest perhaps to someone. They are:

Hilariously many of the above pictures were taken with a Fujifilm 1 megapixel odd point and shoot. It reawakened my interest in photography in part and got me started exploring the field deeply.

Hard to categorize

I am fascinated by typography. I used fontographer (from Macromedia I think) to create a scalable True Type font of my handwriting. I captured the strokes using a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet. It was a hoot. I want to play more when I have the time. (Right, the inside joke here is my handwriting is atrocious, and I often print out letters. A woman once told me that hand-written letters were more personal. I am sensitive about how bad my handwriting is, but I sent her one. She requested I go back to typing. So I created the beepy font as an offense against god).

Technical notes on web site stuff

Nothing really deep. I read parts of Philip Greenspun's book on Web Publishing - he argued for a lean and spare and simple web page design. I also found that buying web page designs for more complicated undertakings is not a bad idea - worked for me for my photography site. The Photo.Net site that I stumbled onto where the on-line book resides is way cool as a resource for photography. I ended up using Wordpress for my photography blog - started with blogger, but found their policies somewhat annoying.

On photography

So, where I am now is:

The only thing I can say is that I expect this to evolve further. I have about 21 TB of images from my photography work, and have moved from 10 11 year old NetApp Inc storage to a four way tiered mirror solution. I shoot in Raw mode, or scan to 16 bit TIFF files.

Some of the work I have done is described in a series of articles on Alain Briot's site:

In one of my recent images which I like a lot I captured a dialogue discussing the meaning of the image.

Page updated November 2018.